Weight Discrimination psychology experiment

                                                 WEIGHT DISCRIMINATION Introduction: The method of constant stimuli means that threshold is determined by presenting the observer with a set of stimuli of which some are above the threshold and of which … Read more

Retroactive Inhibition Experiment in psychology

Retroactive Inhibition Experiment Introduction: memory is the process of encoding retrieving and subsequently staring as well as recalling information from the past experiences. According to Hilgard and Atkinson,” To remember means to show in present responses and saved a sign of earlier long responses.” The failure to retain or recall information is called forgetting. Forgetting … Read more

Sociometry experiment psychology

                                  Sociometry experiment psychology  Purpose -To explore choice status of the respondent in a group with the help of Sociometry. Introduction⇒ The term sociometry relates to its latin etymology. Socious meaning companion and metrum meaning measure. ( Sociometry experiment psychology) … Read more

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